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Move to Open Query & Arjen personal blog

I'm shifting away from LiveJournal. It lacks ability to search and otherwise peruse archived blog posts. And of course it's only me, while Open Query has more people.

From now on the MySQL and Open Query related posts will be at and this is aggregated to Planet MySQL and Planet MariaDB as a group blog. You may have already seen Walter posting from his seat at the MySQL Conf. All posts and comments from my LJ blog have been migrated to WordPress, thanks to magic performed by young Akash Mehta. Unfortunately the comment threading can't be exported.

My personal posts are now at

A little sidenote on the export... it actually took considerable effort and script hacking and possibly even some screen scraping. Consider this is my own data... Remember, LJ used to have a perfect export, which actually enticed one to stay put. Funny, isn't it. But that was in the Danga days, and we're two owners down the line from that (SixApart and then the spinoff-sale to the Russians). Lock-in makes people want to leave more.